Daily Schedule:

friday schedule

10:00 am. –  bekius with Chavrusas 

10:45 am. –  Shiur From Rabbi Rosner

11:00 am. – Rav Chanina Geisler’s Sfas Emes Chumash Shiur

sunday schedule

10:00 am. – Regular 1st Seder followed by shiur


monday @12:00pm edt

rav Chaim tepfer shlit"a

today tuesday @12:00pm edt

Rav Yosef Katz shlit"a will be giving a shmuz

tuesday @12:00 edt

rav yosef katz shlit"a

Dial-in numbers:  Israel – 076-599-0016. USA – 425-436-6344. England – 44-330-088-1939. South Africa – 27-87-825-0121
When prompted, enter the access code, followed by pound or hash (#). Access code: 806685#

today wednesday @12:00pm edt

Rav Chaim Yitzchok Yudkowsky shlit”a

This Wednesday afternoon @12:00 p.m. All Vaadim will take place in his meeting room. 

He’s also available for meetings. To schedule a meeting e-mail him.

today thursday @12:00pm edt

Rav yosef katz shlit"a will give be giving a shiur

today wednesday @2:30pm edt

The Rosh Yeshiva HaGaon HaRav Dov Kreiswirth Shlit"a will be giving a sicha as a preparation for Shavuos

thursday morning @10:00am edt

Rav Chaim Yitzchok Kaplan Shlit"a will be delivering a shiur

Neilas Hachag motzei shavuos @11:30pm

with the participation of the Rebbeim and musical accompaniment by R' Yosef Newcomb

10:00am - 12:30pm

bekius with rabbi rosner

Come in at 10:00 and learn B’chavrusa, Rebbe will be checking in on everyone and answering any questions. Shiur at around 11:30

Test for yeshiva credits

new!! 3:00pm - 5:30pm

iyun with rabbi rosenbaum and rabbi schleider

Rabbi Schleider will be speaking at 2:30 followed by Chavrusa Shaft, Both Rabbeim will be checking in on everyone and answering any questions. Shiur By Rabbi Rosenbaum at 4:30. Shiur will be finished around 5:00, whoever wants, can stay then to ask any further questions.

sheet 45

sheet 44

8:00pm - 10:00pm

night seder

Since all Rabbeim Have A 7 hour time difference, night seder will be split into 3:

  1. 30 minutes of Mussar Seder
  2. Halacha seder is a half hr. of night seder. It will be a very geshmak limud of Mishnah Berurah on the same suguos we’re learning Bekius seder in מסכת ברכות. Rav Moshe Dov Fox shlit”a is available to help set up chavrusos. He’ll e-mail you his usual Marei Mekomos sheets. There will be shorter shiurim on Wednesday and Thursday’s. He’s available by phone or Zoom 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. EDT to answer your questions.
  3. 1 Hour, learning מסכת ברכות starting from the 7th Perek. There will be breakout rooms for Chavrusas and an amazing group of Meishivim available to speak in learning and answer questions from 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. EDT, click here to join zoom meeting.

Get Chavrusas or Call your old Chavrusas and arrange everything yourself, or call Rebbe for help.


  • This zeman halacha seder is EXTRA GREAT. The topics will be from the 3 blatt you learned that week during bekius seder! It is super geshmak learning Mishna Berura on halachos that you learned inside from the sugya! Taste it— how geshmak is our Torah!
  • I attached the first mareh mekomos sheet for this zeman. Every week you’ll receive the sheet on Sunday. 
  • TIME– Find a half hour some time during your two hour night seder. Whenever is most convenient for you and your chavrusa. You can pick the best time.
  • CHAVRUSA– Most people are continuing to learn with their regular halacha chavrusa (learning together creates an unbreakable kesher). If you would like a new chavrusa or to start with a new hischadshus, please contact me soon, so I can help you in the best possible way.
  • CONTACT ME– I’ll be available for you every day during your lunch break. You can contact me from 1:00- 2:00pm EDT at (516) 210-0228 or at Moshedovf@gmail.com. For any personal questions, you can email me and we can set up a time to talk. I am excited to be back with each of you!

thurs. shiur

extra learning program

Rav Moshe Twersky shlit”a

Rav Moshe Twersky shlit”a will give his Bein Hasedarim shiur at 11:00 p.m. EDT in his Zoom room. Email us if you’d like to join.

extra learning program

program led by saul sigler & zevi traub

Shalom Uvracha to all, we hope that this email reaches everyone healthy and well. With the upcoming zman very near, many of us are working on setting ourselves up with chavrusas with the help of our Rabbeim. In result of the time difference, the day with our Rabbeim ends at approximately 6:00 EDTFrom 5:30 to 8:00 and from after night seder at 10:00, the Hanhalas Hayeshiva feels that it will be mechazeik all of us, if we as the talmidim take the initiative to learn together and set up chavrusa shafts. The bochurim in third year and the kibbutz, will set up shafts with the first and second year bochurim, to help everyone grow from each other. These shafts can be in any limud, or even stam just to shmuz, the idea is that we remain connected as a yeshiva the entire day. The bochurim are urged to set up chavrusas by themselves, if anyone needs help finding a chavrusa they can contact either me (Saul Sigler: ytchaimusa@gmail.com or 516-581-8146) or Zevi Traub (Zevi Traub: ztraub57@gmail.com or 443-285-2999) who has graciously agreed to help out. May we be zoche to be together soon in Eretz Hakodesh in the Yeshiva Hakadosha.